What Sets Us Apart

A Focus on You

Gregory Waters, DDS makes you our top priority! We want to learn who you are, hear your stories, and celebrate your achievements. We want to be your dental home!

You are Important: Not only will we recognize your smile and know you by name, we’ll remember our last conversation. Your visits are a time to see the progress you’re making and catch up on what’s happening in your life. We’ll look forward to both!

Comfort: Today’s dental techniques and advanced technology mean we’re able to improve and maintain your oral health comfortably and efficiently. That means less time in our office and more time for you to enjoy life!

Education: We want you to understand your mouth and how the health of your mouth affects your overall body wellness. We’ll teach you about your teeth and gums, encouraging you to take control of your oral health. This ensures you’ll have a lifetime of healthy smiles!

Individual Care Plans: You are unique. So too are your clinical and personal needs. We understand this and Dr. Waters will create a custom care plan that’s tailored to you. He’ll determine the right approach that works for your concerns and goals, focusing on efficient, effective, and affordable treatment.